Digital Marketing Trends 2022: Summer Edition 5 (1)

Creating the Best Summer Marketing Strategy featured image

No matter what business you’re in, Summer brings changes. For some, this may be your busiest season. Employees are taking breaks, customers go on vacation, and the mood shifts from serious to a bit more lighthearted. So what does this mean for your marketing strategy?

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8 Cool Features of Bing 5 (1)

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Most of us have a default search engine that we use all the time. Still, it can pay to look around to see what other search engines offer. For example, the Top Of The List team primarily uses Google for its web searches. But we also realize that the Microsoft Bing search engine still claims a significant market share of both users and searches. As such, Microsoft continues to add Bing features in its quest for better search engine results–and even more market share. Microsoft Bing Blogs are packed with the latest Bing News, so we gathered up 8 cool features here.

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5 Tips for Creating a Useful Navigation Menu 0 (0)

An illustration of a computer monitor sitting in a forest with a compass laid over the screen.

A navigation menu is one of those things that most people don’t notice until it isn’t designed well. Chances are that every website you have visited has some form of a navigation menu but rarely do people rave about finding an amazing one. Like many jobs, doing it well means that no one notices.

What well-designed navigation menus have in common are basic usability rules that allow for visitors to seamlessly navigate through a website without thinking. These rules are essential to keep in mind when creating a navigation menu on your own website, whether it be for a business or for personal use.

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2021: The Year In Review 0 (0)

2021 The Year In Review

The ever-shifting political landscape, a rampant year of COVID variants, and wild weather all helped wreak havoc to throw most Americans and their businesses off their game. Despite it all, Top Of The List continued to push forward, ending up with a successful year. Here are some of the top happenings both to us personally, and within the digital marketing industry.

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SEO – It’s (Still) All About Content 0 (0)

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After working with SEO since its infancy, we know a few things here at Top Of The List about how it works. We know a lot about how SEO has changed, and we consistently allocate resources to keep up with the latest news, tools, and algorithm changes. It turns out that—in the end—SEO is all about content. Sure, all the normal things matter: Title tags, meta descriptions, on-page keywords, semantic copy, high-quality backlinks, structured data, and so on. But the long-standing notion in SEO that “Content is King” still holds fast and true. And probably always will!

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