Blog posts are found in 23% of Google’s top 5 search results.

The only page found more often in search results is the homepage.

Your company’s blog should be there!

Tree growing out of a pencil that represents the topics in blogging.

Crafting a thoughtful blog can be like having a superpower to amp up your online presence and connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Our team of experienced content creators and SEO experts work together to deliver blog posts that are:

Informative and Engaging

The right fit for your website’s tone

Guide the reader down your marketing funnel

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Understand your industry, competition, and unique selling points

Determine blog topics that are relevant and attractive to your target market

Discover trends in your industry, both up and down

Create cluster topics, so blog posts can interlink intuitively

Because SEO is the core service at Top Of The List, we ensure blog posts that are written by our authors:

Adhere to Google E-E-A-T guidelines
Contain the right keywords in the right places to encourage placement
Are optimized for search engines

Premium features can be added to your blog campaign that will practically knock them out of the park. These include:

A link outreach campaign to boost your posts’ visibility even higher

Custom schema markup to attract coveted featured snippets and build your company’s knowledge graph

Search engines abhor stagnant websites and those that are not updated consistently with quality content.

Your company blog is one of the most popular ways to:

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Keep your customers engaged and connected

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Make search engines happy

roi going up

Ensure your website’s ROI is moving up, up, up!

Contact us today, and learn more about how your company can rise to the top with a blog writing strategy from Top Of The List.