Visual Marketing Design

The world is overflowing with visual cues. Top Of The List can help your business stand out.

illustration of a head with icons representing a brochure, and infographic, and a digital ad


We design brochures for print, PDF, or web to communicate your message to customers and clients.  Brochures are a simple but effective way to introduce a business or idea to customers while keeping them engaged.

Brochures can be used to:

illustration of a woman getting a haircut

Feature a product or service

illustration of a coffeeshop

Highlight a department of the business

illustration of fireworks

Announce a new program

illustration of a circus tent

Advertise an event

illustration of a mountain summit with a flag on top

Communicate a company value or mission statement

hello my name is... nametag

Introduce a new business

Choose from digital brochures to display on your website and share with clients, or print brochures for a more tactile, lasting impression. Whatever your needs, we can design a brochure that you will love.

Style Choices:

double-sided leaftlet icon

Double-sided leaflet

bifold icon


trifold icon


accordion fold icon

Accordion fold

Or any size digital brochure!


Why are infographics so powerful? They speak for themselves:

infographic: marketing in a visual world. the brain processes visual information faster and more efficiently than text. infographics increase engagement and increased engagement leads to higher conversion rates. people remember 4x to 7x more information when they see it, as opposed to reading it. in fact, today, 83% of learning is done visually. people following instructions with illustrations do 323% better than people using instructions without illustrations. picture-based posts have 600 times more engagement on social media. because it takes humans only 150ms to process a symbol and 100ms to attach meaning to it.

Top Of The List creates infographic designs that help you get your message across using facts and stunning visual elements.

So if you want to:

make complex information easy to understand, help them remember, naturally attract eyes to your message, increase engagement, capture attention and cut through the noise

You’ve come to the right place.

Digital Ads

These ads can serve a variety of purposes including:

brand pricetag icon

Brand awareness

remarketing icon


sales graph icon

Driving sales

red string around finger icon

Customer retention
(brand reminders)

group of people icon

Audience growth and engagement

speech bubble with heart icon

… and more!

top of the list display ad

Digital ads are the billboards of the internet – if your potential customers’ eyes aren’t on your ads, they’re on someone else’s! Our graphic design for digital marketing ads pairs powerful images with bold, to-the-point text that drives various calls to action.