If you’re new to search engine marketing and optimization, eager to increase your SEO knowledge, or interested in finding helpful websites and tools, you’re in the right place.

Start Here: Beginner’s Resources

  • Online Marketing Glossary of Terms
    For the welcomed novice, we suggest first taking a look at our Glossary to learn the very basics of Search Engine Marketing lingo. Not sure what “SEO,” “PPC,” or “LSO” stand for? We’ll make sure you have a basic understanding of all the jargon used throughout our website and in the various resources found on this page.
  • Top 10 SEO Tips
    If you’d like to understand more about why Search Engine Optimization is important, or even try a few techniques on your own, check out our top 10 tips for improving website placement on search engine results pages.
  • Top Of The List Blog
    From social media techniques to resizing photos for improved page speed, our blog is chock full of valuable articles that will help you improve your organization’s online presence.

Advanced Resources and Tools


Data, tools, tips, and diagnostics straight from the web’s top search engine. You may require assistance from your web developer to get set up with these tools.

  • Google Search Console will help you understand what information they see on your website, alert you of potential issues and errors, and much more.
  • Google Analytics provides detailed information about the traffic to your website, including where visitors are coming from, the pages they are viewing, and how long they stick around. For even more advanced data, e-commerce data can be set up to view monetary traffic information.
  • Official Google Webmaster Central Blog provides the most important, up-to-date information about changes in Google’s algorithms that will potentially affect website owners.


  • Bing Webmaster Tools is similar to Google’s search console, providing data and diagnostics to understand and improve placement in Bing search results.
  • Bing Webmaster Blog is less frequently updated than Google’s blog but will provide insight into the search engine’s changes that may impact the placement of your website on Bing’s results pages.

SEO & Business Tools

  • Top Of The List’s Helpful Tools provides SEO resources to measure metatag length and fulfill E-E-A-T guidelines.

Tools We Love

A list of third-party Tools We Love at Top Of The List and use almost daily. You don’t have to be a digital marketer to benefit from using these tools.

  • Password Safe – A free tool that stores passwords in one place. By placing it in Dropbox or elsewhere in the cloud, it can be accessed from multiple devices and by multiple individuals. There is only one password to remember, and that’s the one to Password Safe itself. Many features, and super encrypted; don’t forget the one password!
  • SnagIt – One of our favorite image and video screen capture tools. We use it almost daily to help explain things that would take far too many words (and still come out clear as mud).
  • PrivateBin – A website to securely send encrypted data over the internet without the risk of it being intercepted.
  • ClipClip – Save multiple text snippets in a clipboard manager to easily paste at any time during your workflow.
  • Toggl Track – One-click time tracking from a website or browser extension. This tool is great for billable hours and integrates with many productivity tools you may already be using.
  • Adobe Color – Easily generate color palettes for branding, websites, presentations, social media posts, or any other assets you create.
  • PDFmyURL – A website that turns any URL into a PDF document. Enter the site URL into the site and generate a document with the click of a button.
  • Adobe Express Background Remover – Isolate the subject of images and remove their backgrounds in one step.


  • Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors
    This table is updated often, as the world of organic search engine optimization is frequently changing. View the table to understand the many factors that contribute to your website’s placement in search engine results.
  • Search Engine Watch’s SEM Articles of the Week
    Search engine watch rounds up the “5 most interesting SEM news stories of the week,” ranging from search insights and trends to critical industry news and announcements.