Tools We Love: Create the Perfect Color Palette

Vibrant, multicolored color palette representing the brand’s identity.

Problem: You’re Not a Designer

Finding the right color combination is not always about branding or website design. Sometimes you need to find colors for a social media post, advertisement, or other small project. Creating a color palette can help you create an effective design that appeals to your target audience. By applying color theory principles in your designs, you can create a more cohesive design that appeals to your audience. You can use complementary colors to create contrast and draw attention to important elements.

Solution: Online Color Pallete Creator

Not everyone has an eye for color, but you can easily create a color combination from just one color. The online color palette creator from Adobe allows you to choose a starting color, generate a random starting color, or browse trending palettes that already exist for inspiration. This takes the guesswork out of a small task so that you can move on with the rest of your project.

Screenshot of Adobe color’s palette creator tool.

Features include:

  • Color suggestions: The color palette creator offers pre-made color schemes that can be used as a starting point for a new design. These schemes are often based on popular color combinations and can be customized to fit the specific needs of the project.
  • Color selection tools: This tool provides a range of tools for selecting colors, such as sliders, palettes, and color pickers. These tools make it easy to choose colors that work well together and create a cohesive color scheme.
  • Color harmony: Adobe Color offers features that help designers create harmonious color schemes. For example, it allows users to select colors based on their relationship on the color wheel and provides suggestions for complementary or analogous colors.
  • Export options: Once a color palette has been created, the online palette creator allows users to save their color palette to their account. Users can sign up for a free Adobe Creative Cloud account online.

How to Use Adobe Color

  1. Navigate to the Adobe Color site and either log in or create a free Adobe account.
  2. Under the Create tab, choose colors using the sliders, color wheel, or HEX codes.
  3. Use the Color Harmony and Color Mode dropdowns to choose your color scheme.
  4. Find premade color themes in the Explore and Trends tabs.
  5. To extract a color palette from an existing image, go to the Extract Theme area under the Create tab and upload your image.

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Mandie Allietta, Technical SEO Specialist

Mandie Allietta

Technical SEO Specialist II

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