Digital Marketing Trends 2022: Summer Edition

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No matter what business you’re in, Summer brings changes. For some, this may be your busiest season. Employees are taking breaks, customers go on vacation, and the mood shifts from serious to a bit more lighthearted. So what does this mean for your marketing strategy?

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SEO – It’s (Still) All About Content

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After working with SEO since its infancy, we know a few things here at Top Of The List about how it works. We know a lot about how SEO has changed, and we consistently allocate resources to keep up with the latest news, tools, and algorithm changes. It turns out that—in the end—SEO is all about content. Sure, all the normal things matter: Title tags, meta descriptions, on-page keywords, semantic copy, high-quality backlinks, structured data, and so on. But the long-standing notion in SEO that “Content is King” still holds fast and true. And probably always will!

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How To Use Ad Extensions in Google Ads

How To Use Ad Extensions in Google Ads

Ad extensions have been around for a while, yet a surprising number of advertisers either don’t use them, only use some of them, or aren’t maximizing their abilities. In this post, I’ll share the main benefits of ad extensions, some of the top ad extensions to use, and how to make the most of them.

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SEO Ranking Factors: Gamechangers or Differences of Opinion?

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Digital marketing agencies are continually challenged in keeping up with the latest website ranking factors. Regardless of our attentiveness to attend now-virtual conferences, keep up with the top news sources, and research information from search engines and SEO tool providers, changes can still get missed. When that happens, the same old processes continue without offering the best return on investment for its clients.

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How Competitors are Stealing Your Leads

(and what you can do about it)

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An easy way for businesses to steal your online leads may be happening every day. If you’re not aware of it or if you do nothing about it, your competitors will continue this strategy forever. It costs very little for them to do, and it obviously works or they would not continue the practice.

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