Lock, Block, and Secure: Solutions to Increase Cyber Security 0 (0)

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Online threats are unavoidable in today’s digital world. If you have a device and internet access, your information is susceptible to attack. And while AI can be used to prevent cyberattacks, it can also be used to implement them. Protecting your business, its brand, intellectual information, and other private digital information is more important than ever. It can also be an overwhelming task. Here are some solutions you can implement to help protect your digital information from cyber threats.

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Tools We Love: Keep Your Passwords Organized 0 (0)

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Welcome to “Tools We Love,” Top Of The List’s new series dedicated to exploring and celebrating the digital tools that solve everyday problems. In an age where technology plays a central role in everything from work to leisure, finding the right online tools can make a world of difference. We’ll dive deep into a diverse array of online tools, uncovering hidden gems and sharing insights on how they can enhance your digital experience.

Our first installment concerns passwords.

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How Anyone Can Use ChatGPT At Work 0 (0)

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The world around us is rapidly changing. I get it, it can be overwhelming and even scary sometimes. By now, you’ve likely heard about ChatGPT. Many are using this tool daily—others only know it’s “crazy technology that I don’t want anything to do with”. But the truth is, it’s not hard to use at all. And it can make your life so much easier!

Let’s look at what exactly ChatGPT is (it’s not a robot taking over the world . . . yet), how to use it effectively, and practical ways you can use ChatGPT at work.

What is ChatGPT?

The following response was generated by ChatGPT (with some parts removed to make things simpler):

  • ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI
  • ChatGPT is designed to generate human-like text responses based on the input it receives
  • ChatGPT has been trained on an extensive and diverse dataset, containing a vast amount of text from books, articles, websites, and other sources.
  • This allows it to understand and mimic human language patterns, making it capable of generating coherent and contextually relevant responses to user inputs.
  • It continues to be refined and improved to offer even more accurate and contextually appropriate responses.
  • It’s essential to understand its limitations and potential biases when using it in real-world scenarios.
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2021: The Year In Review 0 (0)

2021 The Year In Review

The ever-shifting political landscape, a rampant year of COVID variants, and wild weather all helped wreak havoc to throw most Americans and their businesses off their game. Despite it all, Top Of The List continued to push forward, ending up with a successful year. Here are some of the top happenings both to us personally, and within the digital marketing industry.

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9 SEO Questions to Ask When Choosing a Web Developer 0 (0)

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The process of developing or redeveloping a website can be overwhelming. Choosing designs, finding hosting, switching domain names, and creating content is just the beginning. With all the work to do, Search Engine Optimization is sometimes considered to be something that will happen in the future. That is not the case! Great SEO should be built into the site from the very beginning.

Here are nine important SEO-related questions to always ask a developer when considering them to create your website.

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