Tools We Love

At Top of The List, we love to be efficient! When it comes to digital marketing, SEO, design, and development, having the right tools can make all the difference.

Here are some essential tools that our agency relies on daily and recommends for anyone looking to problem-solve:

keep youre passwords organized - tools we love

Learn why using different passwords for each online account is crucial for your security, and how a password manager can help you manage them easily.

send secure data - tools we love

Email is an inherently insecure method of communication, so it is recommended to use encryption when sending sensitive data.

capture and edit screenshots with ease - tools we love

Learn why the native screen capture tools on your computer are not enough, screen capture software can help you capture and edit screenshots and videos with ease.

copy and paste loads of information - tools we love

If you find yourself using the same text over and over or need to copy and paste several blocks of text, a clipboard manager to help you improve your workflow.

one-click time tracking - tools we love

Learn why manual time tracking is a hassle and how time tracking software can help you track your work time automatically and accurately with its features and integrations.

create the perfect color palette

Learn how to create a color palette from just one color with an online color palette creator. This tool offers features such as color suggestions and color selection tools.

save a website pdf - tools we love

Learn how to save a website as a PDF for offline reading, archiving, or sharing using a free online tool that allows you to convert any URL to a PDF in a few clicks.

remove an image background - tools we love

Use this easy background removal tool to isolate the main subject of your image.

Compare two documents: Tools We Love

Compare two documents or pieces of text using a free online tool that uses AI to analyze content and find similarities between two files or text fragments.