Guest Author Articles Reveals “Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Factors”

The Vision, Tech News logoTop of the List President Beverly Mapes was invited to guest author a series of articles in The Vision, the monthly newsletter of the consulting firm MicroVisions, Inc.

Each month, Mapes will report on one of the “Top Five Search Engine Optimization Factors” that make the difference in achieving top search engine placement. Factor #1, keyword-focused anchor text from external links, appears in the October issue.

“The SEO world is changing so rapidly that it’s important to constantly evaluate which factors are affecting search engine placement,” Mapes said. “Those that made the cut might be surprising. But they are also the most critical elements that businesses need to consider when crafting their overall marketing strategy.”

Top of the List offers organic SEO packages that focus heavily on all five factors.

Mapes was honored to guest author for The Vision, a well-known source of practical tech news.

“People trust The Vision because MicroVisions is committed to objectivity in their consulting work,” Mapes said. “They refuse to endorse a specific product or brand. Instead, they work with each client to find the personalized solution that works best for their business.”

MicroVisions has over 20 years of experience in consulting, IT crisis resolution, web development, and network engineering.

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Nicole Vesota

Nicole Vesota

Vice President & Project Manager

Nicole has been working in online marketing since 2007 when she joined Top Of The List. She loves creative endeavors and spending time with her daughter.

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