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How To Use Ad Extensions in Google Ads

Ad extensions are a great way to highlight information about your business, product, service, or website in Google Ads. While some extension types have been available for a while, others are relatively new – and most aren’t used as often as they should be. So, how can you use ad extensions to your advantage? Check out our newest blog post to see how to make Google’s Ad extensions work for you.

LinkedIn Adds Video Calls and Review Functionality

illustration of linkedin logo with five stars and a video icon

Last week, professional social platform LinkedIn launched two new features that should prove helpful to networking in this COVID era. 

The first, a free native video call feature, allows users to participate in 1-on-1 video meetings without leaving the mobile app. Previously, LinkedIn allowed users to initiate meetings through other apps, such as Zoom. But this functionality lets users enter meetings from within the LinkedIn app itself.

With this new feature, seamless communication becomes easier for users already involved in conversations. From LinkedIn’s announcement:

“From an initial job search to a 1:1 conversation, we wanted to drive the productivity of our members end to end while keeping them safe.

By adding video conferencing as a part of the messaging experience, members can connect virtually while maintaining the context of their existing conversation.”

LinkedIn’s second new feature creates the ability to add ratings and reviews to user and business profiles. This comes as an addition to the list of services on user profiles, which was added in 2019. The services have traditionally been just a static list.  Now, services described by companies through LinkedIn can be rated by customers in order to provide clarity for potential clients.

For more information about this feature and how to create a LinkedIn Services page, see Search Engine Journal’s article.

Tip of the Month

illustration of books stacked on a striped background

Educate instead of trying to sell. It may seem counterintuitive to not sell when trying to get sales, but focusing on providing information is a much more effective way to gain customer trust.

Think about how many ads we see every day. Between online advertising, streaming services, magazines, billboards, in-store ads, and just about everywhere in between, people are exposed to thousands of ads. The last thing consumers want is to feel like they are seeing yet another advertisement.

Teaching customers about your specialty provides a no-pressure situation where they can get to know your brand and begin to trust its expertise. The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional writer — you just have to be a subject matter expert. 

Not sure what kind of content to create? A Q&A is a great place to start. Here you can showcase what you know about your industry, as well as answer some frequently asked questions that customers may have. Blog posts, videos and social media posts are also good ways to reach your audience and share your wisdom. The sky is the limit!

Just for Laughs

A guy stopped at a rural gas station. He filled his tank and also had a coffee there, so he had the time to look around. He saw two men working along the roadside. The first would dig a hole and then move on. The second came along behind and filled in the hole.

‘Hello, can I ask something?’ he asked the roadside workers. ‘What are you doing?’

‘Well, we work for the government,’ the first man said.

‘But one of you is digging a hole and the other is filling it up. This is insane, aren’t you wasting the government’s money?’

dog laughing

‘You don’t understand, mister,’ the second replied. ‘Normally there’s three of us. Bill digs the hole, John sticks in a tree and I put the dirt back. You know, we cannot stop doing our job, just because John’s sick’.

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