October 2022 Newsletter

Browser Incognito Mode – What does it really mean?

vector image of oversized laptop, smaller cookies, login screen, lock, and people depicting online privacy

Although generally the same, each browser has slightly different meanings of what incognito mode means and does, as well as how to go into and out of Incognito mode. We cover what privacy you do – and don’t – have in incognito mode, and how to use it. Read more here: What is browser incognito mode?

Why Click-Thru Rate Matters – And What It Means For You

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Google’s algorithms are continually changing. Some elements of this algorithm are confirmed – things like backlinks and on-page optimization – and others aren’t – like domain authority and click-thru rate (CTR). Today, we’re talking about the latter.

While Google doesn’t blatantly say that CTR matters, there is quite a bit of evidence over the years that tells us otherwise. And it makes sense – when Google displays a search result, and someone clicks on it and engages with the page they land on, that does seem like a pretty strong indicator that the result is a good one. In fact, Google does use this metric when determining the quality score of Google Ads. If Google uses CTR for Ads, doesn’t it make sense it would be important in organic search, too?

Search Engine Land compiled a lengthy article showing how Google has addressed the topic of CTR over the years. The moral of the story is, make sure that what displays on the Google results page (title tag and meta description) encourages clicks and accurately describes what one can expect to find on the page they’re going to.

For more information read Search Engine Land’s article.

Tip of the Month

Google reviews.

Turn to your customers to find the best marketing language. Oftentimes, we think we know exactly what words best describe our products or services, and that those are the words we should be using when writing on our website, in brochures, or even talking in person with prospective customers.

The language our customers use, however, can be vastly different from the language we use in marketing. Sometimes companies will do in-depth focus groups to identify characteristics about their customers, and the types of things those customers are looking for when they want to find what we offer.

But there is a world of data at your fingertips that doesn’t require an expensive focus group. Social media and google reviews are both excellent places to get an idea of how people are talking about your brand. So take a look at what your customers are saying, and try using some of those words more often. You might be surprised by what you find! Contact us if you’d like some help. We can help you make the most of this valuable property!

Just For Laughs

From a cruise ship, everyone can see a long-bearded man on a small, paradise island, who is shouting and desperately waving his hands.

laughing dog

‘Who is he?’ a passenger asks the captain of the cruise ship.

‘I have no clue, but every summer when we pass, he goes nuts.’

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