November 2023 Newsletter

Tools We Love: Keep Your Passwords Organized

A speech bubble with a bell and asterisks, symbolizing a password.

Our blog has a new series called “Tools We Love” where we share our favorite digital tools with you. The first part of the series is about Password Safe. We use this software to store and organize our passwords securely. Learn more about this excellent tool that keeps all our passwords safe.

Lock, Block, and Secure: Solutions to Increase Cyber Security

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Protect your business or personal data against digital threats. All devices and accounts are susceptible to attack. Learn about some helpful solutions you can implement to safeguard your digital information.

Tip Of The Month

Manager training employees on security practices.

Get employees on the same page to keep your business secure. If your business data is accessed by more than one employee, make sure everyone is trained on your security policies. To track accountability, set up user accounts so you can see who is accessing the information. This helps you trace back to the source in case of unwanted edits or deletions. You can also set up different access levels for different employees to keep your information even more secure.

Just For Laughs

A highway patrol officer pulled over a little old lady for going only 10mph on the highway. 

As he walked up to the old lady’s car he noticed there were 3 other elderly folks looking very frightened and rigid. 

He leaned down to the old lady’s window and noticed she was as calm as could be.  

“Do you know why I pulled you over, Ma’am?”   

“No, I do not,” she replied sweetly.  

“You were going 10 mph on the highway. That’s a hazard for other drivers.”

The officer couldn’t help but glance at the three terrified passengers. 

The old lady pointed at the sign nearby. “Isn’t the speed limit 10?”

The officer looked at the sign and laughed. “Ma’am, that’s the sign telling you which highway you’re on. Interstate 10.”

The little old lady burst out in a fit of giggles. “Oh, I’m sorry!”

laughing dog

The officer decided it was an honest mistake and was going to let her go. But curiosity got the better of him. “Can I ask why your passengers are so scared?”

The little old lady laughed again. “Probably because I just got off Interstate 175.”

Our best for your success!

The Top Of The List Team