February 2019 Newsletter

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This year, Top Of The List is implementing something that’s been a desire of ours for quite some time  – a monthly newsletter! As a Top Of The List client, web developer, or any other interested party, you are among the first to receive the email. Welcome! Each month, you can expect to learn what’s going on here at Top Of The List, industry-related news, quick online marketing tips, and other fun tidbits. We hope you find it valuable and entertaining, but if for any reason you’d prefer not to receive emails in the future, please click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. We hope you enjoy our first newsletter of many to come!

Welcome, Mandie!

Mandie Allietta, Technical SEO Specialist
Mandie Allietta

Late last Fall, Top Of The List was fortunate to welcome Mandie Allietta to our team! Mandie comes to us with project management experience she gained working at Groupon, an awesome degree at GVSU, eagerness to learn more technical skills, and a true passion to help our clients succeed. We are enjoying and appreciating her addition to the team.

Focus Areas for Google in 2019

Screenshot of new Google Search Console in 2019

Right from the horse’s mouth – John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google® that is – comes a sneak peek at some of the main projects Google will be focusing on this year. Check out our blog post to find out about this juicy information, and how we’ve got Top Of The List clients covered in every area!

Tip of the Month

Finn the Golden Retriever as a puppy

Optimize your image names and alt attributes – Before uploading an image to your website, re-name the image something descriptive and fill in the “alt attribute” field with something even more descriptive. Limit the alt attribute to 100 characters. For example:

  • Image name: golden-retriever-puppy.jpg
  • Image alt: Golden Retriever puppy sitting on blue carpet looking face up. Stuffed teddy bear at dog’s right side

This process ensures that vision-impaired individuals understand what is in the image, and also helps your site’s SEO. Even button and logo images should be named and provided with an alt attribute.

Just for Laughs

My 5-year-old granddaughter refused to participate in her ballet class one day, after fully enjoying it on previous occasions. “Ok,” her mom said. “You’ll have to go to make-up class then.” 

laughing dog

     Cora was excited on the day of her make-up class, but droopy and complaining on her way out. “Didn’t you like your make-up class today?” her mom asked.

     “Yes,” Cora exclaimed. “But we never got to the part where we put on make-up!” 

Our best for your success!

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