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Ryder E-commerce by Whiplash

Top Of The List’s long-time SEO client, Port Logistics Group, acquired a new company, Whiplash Fulfillment. Their goal was to move their traditional 3PL logistics firm into the rapidly growing e-commerce fulfillment space. Top Of The List played a major role on the team to merge portlogisticsgroup.com and whiplashfulfillment.com into one mega-site under a new domain: Whiplash.com.

Our combined teams helped rebrand them into a modern e-commerce fulfillment company. This project was such a success that ~2 years after the rebrand another acquisition took place: Whiplash was acquired by Ryder. Top Of The List then worked to rebrand the site with the Ryder name and its branding conventions. Eventually, Whiplash.com was merged into Ryder.com. Below are examples of the Whiplash site before that occurred.

Multiple new features and API integrations were configured and implemented. Content was both merged and re-written. Custom website development and technical SEO ensured website authority was transferred from the original domains to the new domain.

The blog was a major focus and became a digital marketing lead magnet. Its features included filtering for topic categorization, text-to-speech blog post audio, and an SEO-friendly infinite scroll on the main blog page. After launch, 3 to 4 new posts per week were written, optimized, posted, and marked up with custom schema.

The re-design included new branding that maintained their wholesale and retail services but added a new focus on Whiplash clients’ customer satisfaction, and high-tech e-commerce fulfillment. It was optimized for mobile users through a responsive design approach, ensuring that the layout and content adapted seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices.

Interactive maps highlighted 17+ fulfillment centers and their proximity to shipping ports or major transportation hubs throughout the U.S.

Other project details:

  • The site was built using WordPress with Flywheel hosting.
  • Our custom website development was implemented based on specifications provided by an external web design team. Most new content was provided by Whiplash’s internal team.
  • The project involved working closely with the design team and the Whiplash Marketing Director to build per specifications.
  • A custom theme was created that used ACF Pro to display client-specific content.
  • The site was created in record time. Development began in late February and the site launched in June of that same year.
  • Top Of The List applied ongoing SEO and digital marketing strategies on the new site before and after the site was launched. Website traffic soared from ~2,500 visitors per month to over 33,000 per month along with a rapidly growing customer base.

More technical features and integrations:

  • Contact Form Features
    • Form submission source tracking
    • Integration with Salesforce, transferring website leads directly into that platform
    • Autofill feature: Installation and configuration of FormComplete, to autofill contact form details based on ZoomInfo records.
  • Advanced on-site search
  • Gated content
  • Help pages on a subdomain for Whiplash clients using their proprietary order and shipping management software.
  • A Partner Section was hosted on a third-party site but dynamically integrated into the Whiplash.com site.

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