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West Michigan Dog Sports

West Michigan Dog Sports approached us as a new, 501c3 organization in West Michigan. Their goal: to create a dog sports facility in the Grand Rapids area that offers a year-round, fully climate-controlled training and competition space for all types of dog sports and activities. Their digital marketing had been solely on Facebook, and they felt a website was needed to expand the legitimacy and visibility of their organization. In the future, they plan to provide online signups for training classes, seminars, workshops, and more.

WMDS requested a site that was simple to navigate and visually appealing. They asked that it include kinetic effects and transitions as one scrolls the pages, and exciting, vibrant colors. Ensuring the home page got right to the point, donations were very simple and easy to make, and photos from local dog owners and their dogs were prominent rounded out top priorities for their new website.

The site began with a lightweight theme to build upon. Images and copy were collected from the client, and the most important information was posted front and center on the homepage. We added the vision and purpose of the organization, along with a way to donate and upcoming offerings. Since class sessions were not yet planned, placeholders were added for each class with a brief explanation. This allows an easy way to link to each class once those sessions become available, while letting visitors know what to expect from the organization.

An events page was also added that allows for event details to be added smoothly by the organization’s team members. Multiple calls-to-action (CTAs) are present to encourage donations while WMDS raises funding for their new facility.

about us page on west michigan dog sports' site.
about us page on west michigan dog sports' mobile site.
our journey page on west michigan dog sports' site
our journey page on west michigan dog sports' mobile site/

Other project details:

  • Site was built using WordPress
  • Flywheel hosting
  • Elementor Pro builder was used for user-friendly updates to the site
  • Events calendar plugin added for client to easily add upcoming events to the site

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