March 2024 Newsletter

Maximizing Profits: How to Use Customer Lifetime Value Effectively

repeat customer for customer lifetime value increasing profits

Are you looking to improve your business’s bottom line? Understanding and using customer lifetime value (CLV) is essential. Read our comprehensive guide for actionable steps on how to use and measure customer lifetime value to drive profitability, sharpen your marketing strategies, and foster durable customer relationships. Learn how to calculate CLV, segment your customer base, and leverage this metric for sustained business growth.

Top Benefits of Retargeting

Person seeing a retargeted ad on their devices.

See those ads that follow you around after you visit a website or company’s social media page? They mean that you’ve been retargeted! Retargeting is a powerful “reminder” strategy that serves several purposes:

▶️ Increase Conversions. Retargeting keeps your brand top-of-mind for users who have already shown interest, leading to higher conversion rates as they return to complete a purchase or desired action.

▶️ Improve ROI. By targeting users who are already familiar with your brand or products, retargeting can deliver a higher return on investment compared to traditional advertising methods. 

▶️ Enhance Brand Awareness. Displaying ads to users across various platforms reinforces brand recognition and increases the likelihood of future engagement.

To serve retargeted ads to your website visitors, a tracking pixel is added to your website for the respective ad platform desired for the retargeting campaign. Privacy issues can be addressed on your Terms and Conditions page or using an opt-in/out tool. Contact PPC experts at Top Of The List to begin your retargeting strategy today!

Tip Of The Month

Celebrate your customer.

Celebrating business anniversaries or customer birthdays can be a powerful strategy to build customer loyalty. For B2B companies, acknowledging your clients’ business anniversary by sending a personalized card or gifts shows appreciation and strengthens the professional relationship. It demonstrates that your company values the partnership and is invested in its longevity.

On the other hand, B2C companies can leverage birthdays as an opportunity to connect with your customers on a more personal level. Implementing birthday discount programs or offering special promotions can make customers feel valued and encourage repeat purchases. By recognizing these milestones, businesses can deepen customer relationships, increase brand affinity, and ultimately drive long-term loyalty.

Just For Laughs

A company owner was asked a question,
“How do you motivate your employees to be so punctual?”

laughing dog

He smiled & replied,
“It’s simple. I have 30 employees and 29 free parking spaces. One is paid parking.”

Our best for your success!

The Top Of The List Team