March 2021 Newsletter

Tip of the Month

Just for Laughs

Help Save the Planet:
Turn off your camera when video conferencing!

black sign with blue and green earth that says 'one world'

Being environmentally-friendly can be hard when there are so many things to remember. Here’s an easy one: turn off your camera while video conferencing! Find out why it’s so harmful to the environment and how you can do your part while not having to worry about getting dressed for meetings.

New Search Engine to Launch

Brave Browser app on Google Play Store website displayed on smartphone and computer laptop in background.

Brave, an open-source web browser, is planning to launch its own search engine. In an age when users are increasingly aware of how their personal information is used, Brave was created as a private alternative to Google Chrome and other big-name browsers. Users, however, are still betrothed to search engines that track their data.

This privacy issue is why Brave is creating a search engine that protects user data. Its recent acquisition of search engine Tailcat allows the company to get serious about keeping data private. There is no current launch date, but with Brave’s 25 million active browser users each month, it is likely to disrupt the search engine battle.

For more information, read Search Engine Journal’s article or download the Brave browser.

Tip of the Month

a cup of coffee, napkin, and pen sitting on an painted wood surface. The napkin has the words 'blog blog blog' on it

Update your blog posts. People put a lot of effort into making sure blog posts are entertaining, insightful, and factually correct, so it seems silly to just post it and forget it forever. A better way to manage blog posts is to revisit them and make them relevant again.

Last year, we talked about Zombie Pages and their draining effect on SEO. Blog posts work in the same way. Containing outdated, incorrect content can create doubt about the trustworthiness of your site.

An easy way to show site visitors that your site content is up-to-date is by adding an “Updated” date to posts:

screenshot of a blog post date with an 'updated on' date underneath

Visitors can see that this information is up-to-date as of January 12, 2020 – especially helpful for posts created years earlier about frequently-changing information.

Making updates also shows search engines that you are publishing your site on a regular basis. If there are a lot of blog posts to update, change the most important, outdated ones first and set a schedule to update the others. Search engines love a regularly updated site and this is a great way to keep it that way, even if you don’t have time to create new posts.

Just for Laughs

A man walks into a store and he saw a thermos. The clerk walks up to him and asks, “May I help you with anything?”

“Yea! What is that?”

“Why that’s a thermos!”

“What’s it do?”

“It keeps things hot and it keeps things cold!”

“I’ll take it”

The next day the man goes to work carrying this thermos. His co-workers ask him, “What’s that?”

“It’s a thermos”

“What’s it do?”

dog laughing

“It keeps things hot and it keeps things cold!”

“So whatcha got in it?”

“Two popsicles and a cup of coffee.”

Our best for your success!

The Top Of The List Team