June 2021 Newsletter

How Does Image Metadata Affect SEO?

'metadata' written on a desktop with illustrations surrounding it. on the desk are also a cup of coffee, mouse, and keyboard.

Image metadata—the stuff embedded in the image itself—may be invisible to site users, but it can still make an impact on their website experience. Find out what image metadata is, its effects on SEO, and how you can view, change, or remove it.

Microsoft Testing Its Unified Social Campaign Platform

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In May of this year, Microsoft began piloting its new Unified Campaign platform. The tool brings together organic social media campaigns with paid campaigns that run on multiple channels – all in the same place. Users add their campaign information to the platform, link to their accounts, and use Microsoft’s AI to manage it all. One of the features actually suggests ad copy and users can even manage Google Ads campaigns through Microsoft.

Organic social media campaigns work in a similar way. Much like paid tools, such as Hootsuite and Zoho, the creatives are posted to social accounts from the platform.  Users can also receive and comment on incoming messages from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram in one place.

Like the Google Ads dashboard, there is no cost to use the platform and users only pay for running campaigns. The ability to manage all free and paid campaigns with analytics, AI, and reporting? Not bad for a free tool! There are some caveats though, mostly dealing with control. Most of the campaigns will be automated, meaning less control for the manager. In addition, all channels are considered as part of the same campaign. This means you have one budget for the entire project and Microsoft manages it across all your channels.

To apply for participation in the pilot program, fill out this questionnaire.

For more information about the Unified Campaign Platform, visit Search Engine Journal’s full article.

Tip of the Month

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Use templates for Social Media content. Do you ever wonder how some small businesses have such well-designed, cohesive social media posts? Chances are that they used social media templates to make that beautiful creative. Templates take the work out of deciding how you want your message to look and allow you to focus on what you want to say to your audience.

Since there are plenty of business owners out there with no design experience, social media templates are fairly easy to find and use. Sites like Canva and Venngage offer free or paid plans. You can even customize the content to match your brand.

Simply choose a great template for the occasion, add your message and brand colors, and post to social media. Many sites even have animated templates like the very real and important post we made below 😉:

Animated image: ‘the rumors are true. Top of the list found bigfoot. See the photos at topofthelist.net

Some design sites will even let you post directly to social media from the editor, or to a social media platform like Zoho Social. Using templates lets you focus on your business and customers and avoid shelling out big bucks for a designer every time you want to make a post!

Just for Laughs

A cruise ship sank in the middle of the ocean. Three men managed to get in a lifeboat. They floated around for days without any water or food. One morning a golden lamp floated up to the lifeboat. One man could reach it. He pulled the cork, and a genie appeared.

‘I will grant each of you one wish,’ said the genie.

‘I wish I was home with my family,’ said the first man. Then he was gone in an instant.

‘I wish I was home with my girlfriend,’ wished the second man. He was gone in an instant, too.

dog laughing

The third man looked around, and his face saddened.

‘I am kind of lonely now,’ he said. ‘I wish my two friends were here with me again.’

Our best for your success!

The Top Of The List Team