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Just For Laughs

Happy Holidays from Top Of The List!

Happy Holidays

It’s been a very busy year and it’s hard to believe that Christmas and New Years are almost here again. To our clients, partners, and other newsletter subscribers, we wish you all a safe, warm, and happy holiday season!

Our Favorite Holiday Movies

A scene from the movie Funny Farm.

Bev: Funny Farm

“Funny Farm is one of those movies that draws you in to the plot and makes you laugh like crazy at the end. I love how the townspeople are all paid to stage the town into something similar to a Norman Rockwell-style village to sell the house quickly. It’s just very funny to see everything they did to make it happen. Of course, it had the perfect ending too. Though not technically on the list of “Christmas movies,” Christmas plays a big role and I really enjoy it for that reason.”

A scene from the movie A Christmas Story.

Nicole: A Christmas Story

“A Christmas Story is all about nostalgia for me. Watching it with my family when I was a little kid and hearing my mom, dad, and grandparents just roaring with laughter – every time I watch the movie it brings me back to those viewings. The dad receiving the leg lamp as the family looked on in confusion and intrigue, Ralphie spilling the lug nuts and proceeding to say the naughtiest word around, and the almost circus-like visit to see Santa were scenes that I could relate to as a kid and continue to be hilarious as an adult.”

The cast of A Muppet Christmas Carol.

Mandie: A Muppet Christmas Carol

“I will watch anything with The Muppets in it, so this Christmas movie is a treat for me. It’s the classic Dickens story with The Muppets’ humor and Michael Caine performing as if he’s in a serious theater production. Rizzo the Rat kissing Gonzo’s nose near the beginning of the movie makes me laugh every time.”

Just For Laughs

What do you call Santa when he’s on a break?
Santa pause.

Which of Santa’s reindeer has the best moves?

What did one snowman say to the other?
You smell carrots, too?

Did you hear about the snowman prom?
It was a snowball.

Where does Santa store his suit?
In his Claus-et.

What did the salt say to the pepper on Christmas?
Seasonings greetings.

Why do reindeer wear bells?
Their horns don’t work.

laughing dog

What do you call Santa’s helpers?
Subordinate Clauses.

Our best for your success!

The Top Of The List Team