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RIP Cosmo: 11/11/10 – 3/19/24

Mascot & Security
cosmo the dogSince joining our team in 2011, Cosmo has become a jack of all trades here at the office. First and foremost, Cosmo is Top Of The List’s mascot, and attends expo’s and trade shows when they allow.

As a member of our Human Resources department, he greets clients as they arrive for meetings at the office. As a team leader, he motivates employees when there is a lull in enthusiasm for the job at hand. Our top Security officer, Cosmo is sure to alert us of any unexpected guests. He also takes on occasional cleaning duties, most often when employees mistakenly spill crumbs on the floor.

Cosmo, registered name “Bello’s Top Of The List,” has completed training in both Obedience and Agility.  Cosmo competes at agility trials sponsored by AKC (American Kennel Club) and CPE (Canine Performance Events). After many successful – and not so successful- runs, he earned his AKC PACH championship (Preferred Agility Champion) in agility in August, 2019. He then earned a second one in September, 2021.

Now retired from agility, Cosmo enjoys playing with toys, and his work ethic is visible when he finally gets that last piece of stuffing out. He loves nature – sticks, rocks, and bark are some of his favorite aspects of the outdoors, as well as swimming and other water sports. Cosmo also enjoys socializing with fellow canines, wrestling with his little brother Finn, running “off-the-leash,” and getting massages from humans.

Some of Cosmo’s favorite websites include:

West Michigan Dog Sports
Great Lakes Golden Retriever Rescue
Friends of Muskegon Dog Beach