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Beverly Mapes

Founder and President

Bev’s passion for the Internet began over 25 years ago, in 1994.  At that time, she had returned to Grand Valley State University to pursue a BS degree in Information Systems. She was enrolled in one of their leading edge classes about Internet searching.

While completing homework in GVSU’s computer lab, she downloaded a photograph of the earth that had been taken by a satellite just minutes earlier. Two words describe “the moment:” awestruck and hooked!

Experiences set the path to SEO

Both before and after GVSU, Mapes was unknowingly preparing herself for owning and managing Michigan SEO company, Top Of The List. During that period, her combined work experience resulted in over 7 years as a software test engineer, 15 years in both traditional and internet marketing, and 5 years in an internet connectivity support and technical sales roles at Merit Network in Ann Arbor.

Similarly, her background skills touched every aspect of search engine marketing. These include research, writing copy, Internet infrastructure and culture, software coding and testing, and marketing products and services.

A drive to help others succeed

An inborn characteristic that Bev has held for as long as she can remember is a drive to help others succeed. Bev’s passion for helping others is seen in her work.

For instance, when she provides SEO consulting services to her clients, she is so focused on their results that she cheers when they reach top placement. She also developed programs to work with charities that provide value-added services to businesses and non-profit organizations alike.

Golden pursuits

Bev has an immense love of dogs, especially Golden Retrievers. So she adopted two Goldens: “Cosmo” in 2011, and “Finn” in 2014.

Her drive for success is apparent in this part of her life as well. She frequently participates in agility competitions with both dogs.

“Dogs need a job to do. With agility, the focus, exercise, timing, and precision are good for them. Plus, the work enhances the relationship between pet and owner,” Bev revealed of her experience with agility. “Sort of like working with our clients,” she jokes. “But in all seriousness, working with the dogs teaches me new ways to improve, improvise, and find unique solutions to challenges. That rings true in all aspects of my life – personal and professional.”

Professional Affiliations

Bev has a number of affiliations with extracurricular and professional organizations, including:

  • Board member of Michigan Ski for Light, an organization that helps sight- and mobility-impaired adults get out and cross country ski.
  • Trial Chair of 3-day Grand Rapids Agility Club dog agility trials.
  • Member and trip leader of the Greater Grand Rapids Ski Club.
  • Founding member and 4-year board member of Software GR, formerly XP West Michigan. Software GR is a non-profit trade association dedicated to building and supporting the software development community in Grand Rapids.
  • Former Marketing Chair of the coordinating committee GLSEC, the Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference (GLSEC). MC for this conference held bi-annually in Grand Rapids.
  • Former Vice President of AWE, The Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs (now GROW).