A Guide to Google’s New, Free Marketing Tool

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Marketing your business can be expensive, especially effective marketing. Here’s something to help market your business that you might not be aware of: Google’s Marketing Kit. While the kit isn’t a substitute for a good old-fashioned marketing campaign, their free materials can supplement business advertising in a useful way. This kit uses your business’s existing information on Google, such as hours, reviews, and ratings, to create a compelling image highlighting your business’s reputation. Each piece of the kit can be customized in design and color – including seasonal designs – to prevent a cookie-cutter appearance.

Ready-to-Print Posters & Signs

google my business kit poster, social media post, and table tent

Google’s Marketing Kit supplies you with a printable flyer, postcard, and 18” x 24” poster, each with either your business’ rating or a review of your choice. These options can be used for in-store promotion or to advertise elsewhere. Printing is not included, but the design is, which gives you a form of marketing materials without a lot of effort.

Social Media Posts

google my business social media posts

We don’t have to tell you how important your social media presence is to online marketing, which is why any personalized content is invaluable. The marketing kit automatically turns your Google reviews and Google My Business information into images to post on social media when you want to remind your customers how great you are – or when you are running out of social media post ideas! These are an effective way to stay active on social media even if your business is booming and you don’t have time to create content.

Stickers and Table Tent

google my business stickers

Have you ever walked into a business and noticed the cool Google stickers in the window? This is where they came from! For businesses with physical locations or that attend trade shows, stickers and table tents serve as a reminder to customers that they can share their great experience and get in contact with you via Google. You can have one sticker per business mailed to you for free and can print your own as needed.

To get started, visit Google’s Marketing Kit and enter your business’s name. Your business must be verified in Google My Business in order to get these materials. If you can’t find your business, Top Of The List can help! Contact us to claim your business and get started with online marketing.

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Mandie Allietta, Technical SEO Specialist

Mandie Allietta

Technical SEO Specialist II

Mandie joined Top Of The List in 2018 and has a degree in Web Development. She lives in Grand Rapids, MI with her dog Winnie.

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